The instructors at the Traditional Karate Club of Wilmette began their training together at the Traditional Karate Center under 5th Dan Sensei Jordan Scott. The TKCW dojo has been in operation since 2013.
Steve EisensteinSensei Steve Eisenstein holds a sandan (3rd degree black belt) rank and began his Shotokan training in 2005. He is interested in self defense and other applications of traditional karate techniques. When not in the dojo or with his family, he can be found in his medical practice as a full-time family doctor in Northbrook. Sensei Steve has also become a certified Rock Steady Boxing coach.
Todd HoganSensei Todd Hogan hold a nidan (2nd degree black belt) rank and has been practicing Shotokan karate since 2005. He is interested in all forms of the martial arts with a keen focus on self-defense and Kumite. Todd has been competing in the martial arts for many years and has been nationally recognized in both kata and Kumite.

Assistant instructors:

Arash Ardelan (Sensei) has a sandan (3rd degree black belt) and has trained extensively both with Shotokan karate and Kyusho jitsu (pressure point fighting).